Buddhism Education Resources     

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    AR0010:    Is it right to promote consumerism and encourage this  


    AR0009:    Nowadays the whole world is full of disasters  


    AR0008:    What is wisdom?  


    AR0007:    How to live a life of wisdom Where do afflictions come from How to improve our environment?  


    AR0006:    What is wisdom? What is ignorance?  


    AR0005:    What determines us to be reborn in the human realm? How to gain good fortune? What are the consequences of being greedy, arrogant, angry and envious?  


    AR0004:    How to become rich? How to gain social status? How to be become intelligent? How to gain wisdom? How to have good health? How to have a long life?  


    AR0003:    What is Buddhism? Buddhism is the truth of all things in the universe.  


    AR0002:    What are the three root causes of illnesses? Shall I send a patient with dementia to a care home?  


    AR0001:    One's rebirth in the human realm and one's life in this world are determined by two types of karma.